Nationwide Coverage

We are an employee driven leading provider of nationwide retail services and solutions. We leverage unparalleled service and technology with national consistency to enable our clients to efficiently complete their nationwide projects.

Project Management Tracking

Our team of experts in project management focus on the efficient deployment of resources and planning. With one point of contact and real-time tracking, we can deploy quickly for any project, anywhere.

Broad Range of Services

Powerhouse offers a broad range of roll-out services across many specialized areas within the retail environment. Our services range from installation to surveys to exterior or interior refreshes with new or existing assets.

"Everyone Impacts the Customer" At Powerhouse we have experienced extremely rapid growth in recent years. This growth brings challenges to all of us as we have to be flexible to change, ready to adapt to new challenges and work with many new team members. Leading our Business Development group, my time is split between understanding and positioning our brand in the competitive marketplace and direct meetings and efforts with customers. It is commonly misunderstood that the "sales team" has the biggest impact with the customer.   The BD team is simply steering a ship that is being driven by everyone in our organization, from administrators ordering material, labor performing the work, project management providing reporting and accounting generating invoices.   It truly is a team effort and any breakdown can result in negative consequences. Everything you do each day touches the customer and has a direct effect on our success as a company. Powerhouse does not sell a manufactured product, the product we sell are our people. In closing, I thought a quote from Walt Disney is very applicable to our service business. "Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends." Robert Blake-Ward Vice-President Business Development Powerhouse Retail Services

Executive Prespective – February 2012